Is a MTB adventure cycle for anyone who loves mountain biking.
It is a 'Solo' ride, also welcome to ride with your mates!
Sat 29th Sept
The Cave Affair - Dombos

+-40km Registration: 06:30
         Start at 07:00
+-28km Registration: 07:00
+-21km Registration: 07:00
         Start both at 07:30
"Put the Fun Between Your Legs"
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Entry Fee: $10
Prizes: On a draw system
Info: Starts are prompt so PLEASE register & check-in NO LESS half hour before.
No GPS 'team up' with someone who does or give us a Shout by Clicking Here!
1 Water Points, but PLEASE you need to be self sufficient 'just-in'.
After ride please bring your own Drinks, Food & Chairs
GPS: Click links below to view & download in PlotaRoute...
Sat: 21km GPS Track
Avaidable 27th Sept
Sat: 28km GPS Track
Avaidable 27th Sept
Sat: 40km GPS Track
Avaidable 27th Sept
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NOTE: If you have already done this no need to repeat
Kit: Compulsory: GPS, Helmet, Basic First Aid, Spare Tube, Pump, Tools, Hydration Pack/Bottle's, Nutrition.
Recommended: ID, MultiTool, Quick Link or Chain Breaker, Tyre Tools, Gator, Duck Tape, Cable Ties, Chain Lube, Cash, Whistle, Spare GPS Batteries.